Skabardis Marine Carpentry Ltd



Welcome to Skabardis Marine Carpentry Ltd


           My name is Maris Skabardis I’ve been working with wood since I was a young man. I first started boatbuilding work on HMS Cutty Sark, I have worked on many other projects including HMS Warrior, HMS Belfast, HMS Victory. I also have wide range of experience with sailing boats, fishing boats and speed boats. 

          I have built several small boats; I am currently working on a 48-foot new build catamaran. I also undertake repairs of all kinds on clinker, plywood, strip plank and carvel planked and GRP boats. Please take a look at our gallery for more information about our projects.​

          Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any help with any projects you may be considering.

Address: Iron Wharf Boat Yard
Kent. ME13 7BY

Phone: 07776 185084